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Tule fog


a tule fog
covers the valley-
fasten seat-belts

I read about Tule fog and likes the image so much that I composed the above haiku.

A Tule fog (pronounced too-lee) is a very thick fog that collects in parts of California during the rainy season of the late fall and winter. It is a type of radiation fog, caused by the combination of increased humidity due to the rain and rapid cooling due to the longer nights. Tule fog makes for very low visibility and is the cause of many accidents every year.

Shotgun wedding


under the moon
two lovers embrace..
shotgun wedding

Mental squall


during the storm
waves devour the rocks-
mental squall

While is NOT. A haiku I felt compelled to write it after a turbulent meditation where my mind had difficulty settling down.

Haiku by Issa


on honorable Buddha’s
honorable nose
an icicle

mi-botoke no o-hana no saki e tsurara kana


by Issa, 1814

On one hand, Issa makes fun of the Buddha sporting an undignified icicle dangling from the tip of his nose. Deeper, we sense his sympathy for the Buddha, who endures cold weather for mankind’s sake–recalling a haiku of 1813: hito no tame shigurete owasu hotoke kana for our sake enduring the winter rain… stone Buddha

source: http://cat.xula.edu/issa/

Story: the unpaintable


What is it that moves you?

Morning rituals


sunday service
having a quick cup.
morning rituals

Big Bad Dog


dogs cower
under the sheets

Story: instant karma


Ohne Wörter (Flower Sermon Tanka)


A good lesson on impermanence.

Ben Naga


I picked a flower
Twirled it between my fingers
Sat waiting, smiling
Till it divulged its secret
But it just withered and died

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