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What is that smell?

What is that smell?

bad dream
becomes reality-
sick dog

Last night one of the things of pet ownership that is NEVER mentioned happened again. It seems that my neighbors wanted to give our full grown German Shepherds some bones as a treat. I was not consulted on this, they just threw the bones over the fence for them and while I appreciate the sentiment and I am sure my dogs liked the bones, at that time, neither of us were happy about the midnight diarrhea.
Here I was sleeping peacefully and dreaming. I started to smell something in my sleep and since I can lucid dream I tried to change the smell. When I could not change it I woke up to find a huge smelly mess all over the floor and my dogs standing there with their ears back. After taking a moment to realize exactly what was going on and deciding on the best course of action I let them out, from our second level, down the stairs and out the door trailing the mess ALL THE WAY DOWN. I quietly mopped the floor, went outside, washed the dogs and took a shower.
While cleaning up I thought about how quickly things can change and how impermanent everything is. Instead of getting a good nights sleep for the big bathroom remodeling job in the morning here I was cleaning up poo. Yet, I was happy that my dogs were not poisoned, seemed fine and that I was able to laugh at the situation.

This morning I am tired but happy to have our dogs, a clean floor, our bathroom almost finished. Perhaps tonight I will get to sleep. 🙂


discarded rose


single rose
on the pavement-


New moon


the moon
waxes and wanes-

Happy Mothers Day


every breath
is a gift-
spring morning

Buddha smiles


children plant
flowers in temple garden-
Buddha smiles

Today the dharma school children planted in the garden. It was a joy to watch them interact with the Earth.

sleepless night


artillery fire
disturbs my slumber-
monsoon season

excruciatingly real


storms rips the
tree out by its roots.
wave after wave

Today’s posting is quite a bit late but as I am still working on my 365 haiku a day challenge I pushed to get this one in. After a few weeks of relative pain free days I was hit with serious waves last night. If you have ever seen the movie “Predator” and the scene where the alien is ripping the spine out of its target then you know what I felt like last night! But, since all things are impermanent I knew that it would pass. Meditating on the pain, stretching and rest helped it pass. This was the first time I was able to meditate and focus on such levels of pain. The experience was interesting to say the least. At first the pain was overwhelming but slowly I was able to look at it and soon I the pain, while still there, seemed to be outside of me and not as intense. The focus this took was exhausting so I took some medication and a nap. I am happy to say that the pain today reminded me of the reality of impermanence and I am grateful for this lesson.

Shotgun wedding


under the moon
two lovers embrace..
shotgun wedding

Mental squall


during the storm
waves devour the rocks-
mental squall

While is NOT. A haiku I felt compelled to write it after a turbulent meditation where my mind had difficulty settling down.

Haiku by Issa


on honorable Buddha’s
honorable nose
an icicle

mi-botoke no o-hana no saki e tsurara kana


by Issa, 1814

On one hand, Issa makes fun of the Buddha sporting an undignified icicle dangling from the tip of his nose. Deeper, we sense his sympathy for the Buddha, who endures cold weather for mankind’s sake–recalling a haiku of 1813: hito no tame shigurete owasu hotoke kana for our sake enduring the winter rain… stone Buddha

source: http://cat.xula.edu/issa/