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Sen Bernie Sanders says GOP plan is “Totally absurd”


I think that Sen Sanders is one of our legislators who is actually saying it like it is. Senator Reid, President Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party need to stand up to the Tealiban. I thought this country had a policy of not negotiating with terrorists! That is exactly what Sen Boehner and the Tealiban act like. They are holding our Country hostage, in 2012 “We the People” will take charge and vote them out.

Tax Dodgers, Banks, Senator Thomas Benton and Andrew Jackson


If you watch the news or even Faux news you might think that the current pandering to the banking institutions is something new and acceptable, well, it is not. Since our Nation’s early days, when Andrew Jackson was president 1829-1837, the National Bank of America, not unlike the current one, was chartered to be a private bank.

-Imagine that, using public money to fund a private bank-

Those that opposed the bank felt that the privatization would mostly benefit business interests and take advantage of the people to whom it loaned money. The other issue that people had against the National Bank was that to fund it new tax laws (loopholes) were going to be passed by Congress to support it. President Andrew Jackson listened to the people and acted so swiftly that Senator Thomas Benton said that in all of history only the actions of, the Roman, Cicero were equal to “what Jackson did for us when he destroyed the bank conspiracy and saved America.”

If in the 1800’s they were against funding private banks then why are we handing out money to save Wall Street and allowing tax dodgers such as Bank of America to make huge profits, according to sources over 3 BILLION dollars, and pay ZERO taxes. If Bank of America, alone, paid their taxes we could put nearly 1.7 Billion back into education, Veterans Benefits, Social Security and many other programs.

Are you willing to continue to pay taxes so that banks such as Bank of America does not have to? Are you willing to give your children less educational opportunities so that the CEO’s can have more money in their offshore account? Are you willing to put your elderly parents out on the street so that Investors of the aforementioned bank can retire in luxury? Are you willing give pregnant women less prenatal care so that Bank of America’s women can have just that little bit more?
Well I for one am not willing to let them continue the fleecing of this great Nation! It is time to take action and let the voices of “We the People” be heard!

Below are a few places you can go to start taking action.

US Uncut
The Coffee Party

American Veterans (AmVets)