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a dandelion growing
in the sidewalk crack-
smokestacks in bloom



sun rises as
life bursts forth-
first step on journey

Dedicated to my darling wife who on this day gave birth to our daughter Ava.

Apple trees


apple trees
blossoming soon-
last snow flurries

This week has been crazy weather wise and today we have snow flurries. Odd to see buds sprouting forth and verdant fields was snow falling

Robin shell


crushed blue shell
floating on the puddle-
western breeze

Walking along I spotted a blue egg shell floating on the puddles from last nights storm. The albumen and yolk combining with twigs and other detritus. The little Robin (to be) will not “become” this time.

Angry Spiders


window washers
hanging ten stories up-
spider starts anew

As I watch the window washers I think about the spiders that built there webs up there and how upset they must be. But they will start again and rebuild as soon as the washers move on. This is the attitude we must take when life deals us hardship.


Mosquito Buddha


mosquito larva
on the stagnant pool-
future Buddhas

Our mind is the stagnant pond. If we recognize the Buddha within ourselves the larva will hatch and our mind will flow in harmony.

Clutch of Hens


clutch of hens
scratching at the dirt-
seniors meeting today

Today I had to chuckle as I was at the library and heard a sound familiar to me. But it was out of place! The sound was of a clutch of hens having their morning feed and chatting. As I got closer I saw the sign that said “senior women’s meeting today.”
Now of course I had to look in and they were in their little groups, standing around sipping coffee and snacking. I guess some things are the same regardless of species.



come on guys
shouted the robot-

In response to a challenge called “Third from the Top.” Where you look at the blogs you read list and write something inspired by, well, the one third from the top.