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Does not compute


parent denial
offspring growing up
way to fast

Last October our daughter turned 18. My wife and I are still having difficulties accepting this fact.

Poetry Gazette


Up late and checking my twitter account I discovered that on Friday I was in the “Poetry Gazette.” The poem chosen was “leap year” below is the link to the archive. Check them out as their are, better written, poems there to read.


Sand in my head


Alone on an island
I find my sanity,
buried beneath the sand
A child’s shovel
betrays its grave!

This poem is not my usual Haiku but I wanted to share this one. I was asked the question, by my wife, the other day “Would you like to spend a week alone on an island” To which I responded “Yes, I might find my sanity.” I added, looking at my precocious 7 year old home-schooled daughter, “I am sure it would be buried in the sand with the shovel sticking in the pile.” The idea kept niggling at my brain and the above poem is the result. I hope you enjoy.

Time to go.


time to leave the nest
testing of wings- lost patience
you are ready. Go!

It seems that in every parents life there is that time when you do not want your children to go but that they can no longer stay. Having the courage to give them that push so they can fly is very hard and the world can be cruel. As a parent we can only hope that we prepared them to the best of our ability.