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Mosquito Buddha


mosquito larva
on the stagnant pool-
future Buddhas

Our mind is the stagnant pond. If we recognize the Buddha within ourselves the larva will hatch and our mind will flow in harmony.

Flower festival


chicks breaking
through the shell-
flower festival

Today is Hanamatsuri or Flower festival. It is also the time we celebrate the birth of the Buddha. Just as a chick breaks through its shell to be born we too must break through our ego to be born a compassionate being. May today be your birth too.

Clutch of Hens


clutch of hens
scratching at the dirt-
seniors meeting today

Today I had to chuckle as I was at the library and heard a sound familiar to me. But it was out of place! The sound was of a clutch of hens having their morning feed and chatting. As I got closer I saw the sign that said “senior women’s meeting today.”
Now of course I had to look in and they were in their little groups, standing around sipping coffee and snacking. I guess some things are the same regardless of species.

Last Night’s Storm


the wet grass
from last night’s storm-
unmade bed

Yesterday we had winds above 50mph and it blew in a late storm. As I look at the garden bed, and how the soil soaked up the rain I see it is nearing time get to work planting.

Shoots of green


popping up-
shoots of green
welcome the dawn

As a walked this morning I noticed little shoots starting to push up through the flower beds. Nice to see Spring arriving.



whirlpool gathers
leaves, then lets go-
temporary formation

Our life too is just a temporary formation. Do not squander it on petty things. Live life not just exist.