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Beautiful Moon


A beautiful moon.
Small footprints in the fresh snow.
Gone in morning sun.

Psychotropic Meds


Psychotropic Meds
Numb my creativity
enslaved butterfly.

A few weeks ago my MD thought it would be a good idea to give me some meds for my PTSD. Well, I can tell you I do not like the feelings they suppress. I would rather cry at tissue commercials, be happy when my child hugs me and feel compassion than for my pain to lessen. The trade off is not worth it. That is why MD’s call it a practice because they do not know everything.

Enlightened Buddha


On Bodhi Day
Siddhartha becomes Buddha
Teacher of Dharma

Bodhi Day is the day that the Buddha reached enlightenment. This occurred over 2500 years ago and is celebrated on the eighth day of the 12th lunar month, December 8th. On this day Buddhists commemorate this day by meditation, studying the Dharma, chanting sutras (Buddhist texts) and performing kind acts towards other beings. Some celebrate by a traditional meal of tea, cakes and readings.

I personally will be fasting on this day and spending time meditating.

Polaroid Buddha


Polaroid Buddha
Can you capture the moment
Trip Trap Kerouac

The inspiration for this comes from the book “Trip Trap, Haiku on the Road” by Jack Kerouac, Albert Saijo and Lew Welch

Losing a good friend.


Faithful friend
Suffering in your eyes
Winter approaches

I wrote this a few days ago when Ivan Pavlov our German shepherd was very ill. We thought for certain that he was going to die but, we are happy to say that he is doing better.

Time to go.


time to leave the nest
testing of wings- lost patience
you are ready. Go!

It seems that in every parents life there is that time when you do not want your children to go but that they can no longer stay. Having the courage to give them that push so they can fly is very hard and the world can be cruel. As a parent we can only hope that we prepared them to the best of our ability.


Reality? Not really sure!


Driving along
Destruction, desolation.
Blink- back to normal

In the past I used to be driving along and the world would switch. All the buildings would be destroyed, cars rusting, decay everywhere and then in a blink it would shift back to this reality. Over the years they have lessened and I see this less and less but sometimes under stress it pops back in. I just take a breath and realize that it is just my mind and that it shall pass. I hope that all my fellow veterans can get help like I did and start the healing process.

Haiku Dreams


The other night my daughter asked me to read some Haiku to her. I started reading to her and she quickly drifted peacefully off to sleep. The next morning she asked me about the cherry blossoms. I was not sure what she was talking about until she reminded about the Haiku me reading to her and then told me she dreamed about the smells in the Haiku.

Daddy reads Haiku
Old Basho, Issa, Buson
lull child to sleep.

Here is the Haiku from Buson that my daughter dreamed about.

Not cherry blossoms
but peach blossom sweetness
surrounds this little house

World Explodes


I write this Haiku in memory of what occurred to me in the U.S Army.

Memories haunt me.
Cold morning desert patrol-
My world exploded

Thank you to Robert D Wilson for his inspiration in “Vietnam Ruminations”

See his work at http://simplyhaiku.com/

You found me


Today’s Haiku is dedicated to my darling wife. I traveled the globe looking for her and she is the one who found me.

Through space and time
searching for you my love.
yet you found me!