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Passing of Haikuist Hortensia Anderson


Today Hortensia Anderson a well known and loved Haikuist and poet passed away.

Below is one of my favorite poems and a fitting tribute.

hortensia anderson

The remains of the rose you gave me
lie in dust in your love letters. How did
it begin? With a single, perfect rose.

Had she been dead as I took her from
you, the rose, helpless without thorns, her
slim, green throat slashed on the diagonal –
unable to whisper “stay away!”?

Clues in the letters abound: how your name
loops around the page, how the “y” in “my”
almost obliterates the “love” that follows.

So this is how it ends – with a faded promise
of “forever”, stained with the dark blood rust
of a crumbled flower.

betrayed by a breeze
the light scent of roses
hidden by shadow

hortensia anderson

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