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Morning rituals


sunday service
having a quick cup.
morning rituals

Big Bad Dog


dogs cower
under the sheets

Storm watch


raven looks
over the lake
storm watch

Lone Air Conditioner


hot spring night
three people share a bed-
one AC

Story: instant karma


Spring Soup


sudden storm
cools the pavement-
spring soup

Excuse me, you are on my nerve.


turning the world
upside down-
optical nerve

Ohne Wörter (Flower Sermon Tanka)


A good lesson on impermanence.

Ben Naga


I picked a flower
Twirled it between my fingers
Sat waiting, smiling
Till it divulged its secret
But it just withered and died

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Pressure under fire


drop by drop
the cup is filled-

Not my classiest piece but as we get older such tests become a fact of life. I remember one time in the Army I reported to base and we had the standard “drug” testing. Of course I had not studied (already gone AND had not drunk any more water). So I had to sit there and wait…
Hence the haiku 😉

Boldly go!


after the storm
stars reflect in lake-
boldly go… inward

Many people think that meditation is a calm and peaceful thing to do. They are right, sort of. Meditation that explores the mind and seeks out the truths that lie beneath the surface is rather difficult and takes years or decades to accomplish. There are many books on this subject but I think that Yongey Mingur Rinpoche’s book “The Joy of Living and the Dalai Lama’s book “The Universe in a Single Atom” do an excellent job in discussing this type of meditation and how to best practice it. So, I will leave it to you, my dear reader, to check out the books from your local library and prepare to seek out your own truths and new realities and to Boldly Go where only “you” can go.