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Empathy is what this World needs!


There is not much I can add to this except my thoughts that we all must connect and come to understand that if we want to survive as a species we must learn to show compassion for all beings. After watching the video consider trying this: The next time you feel “sorry” for someone, instead of being sympathetic try and empathize with them. Find a time that you felt the same and understand where they are and not how it can be fixed.

Empathy and sympathy are not just two different approaches to confronting the emotional challenges of others; they are diametrically opposite responses in many important ways. Sympathy places another’s problems at a distance from us, places us in a position of superiority, and “drives separation”, says the film’s narrator, Dr. Brené Brown. Empathy, on the other hand, requires that one internalize the feelings of another. That shared experience drives interpersonal connection, she says. “What makes things better is connection. – See more at: http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=4646#sthash.PadjDzSC.dpuf

A film by RSA Animate.

Video from KarmaTube

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