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The Earth is my witness


quietly sitting
I touch the ground-
space dust

When Mara challenged Siddhartha as saying the he the title of Buddha “enlightened one” belonged to him his minions shouted that they testified for Mara.

Mara asked Siddhartha who would witness for him he reached out his right hand touched the earth, then the earth itself spoke: “I bear you witness!”
At this Mara disappeared.
Siddhartha Gautama reached enlightenment and became a Buddha.

I think that Earth Day is an excellent time to think about how we all came from the Earth and will return to it one day. A step further is to remember the Earth formed from stardust and to it we all will return.
Therefore the universe can testify on our Buddha nature.

Earth day


in space floats
the big blue ball
home sweet home

This was composed by my eight year old daughter.

Bottled light


Recycling at its finest.

dimitri seneca snowden

The slums of the Philippines are getting an extreme home makeover in the form of two liter bottles in their ceilings. The bottles function as 60-watt lights powered by 100% solar energy. Refraction is an amazing thing, if you drilled a hole in your ceiling light would drop directly through the opening in a straight line casting a shadow on the ground in the shape of the hole. By placing a bottle filled with water into the hole, the light is refracted by the water and emitted at 360 degrees like a light bulb. Light bulbs are taken for granted in America, yet are luxury item for the Philippines slums. The two liter bottles filled with water and a small amount of bleach to keep algae from growing, act as a light in the often-unlit slums.

The initiative in the Philippines to provide these lights to those who need…

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