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handwritten sign says
estate sale, one day only-

Today as I checked my email I looked at the upcoming estate sales. One hit me pretty hard. It was a demolition sale! Looking at the items for sale which were as follows: windows, flooring, doors, cabinets, fixtures, stove, washer and dryer.
The whole house was for sale to be picked over like a carcass. At first I thought of the dreams, hopes, joys and sorrows of families that had lived there. But then I thought about how parts of the house will continue to serve a purpose and how in some small way the energy of those people will be moved on too as our lost skin, hair and breath permeate the area we live in.

So while they and their house may be gone part of them both will become part of something new. All things are impermanent but also interconnected it changes in form only.

Lessons from Ivan


darkest of nights
brightened with love-
spring begins

Yesterday was a horrible day with the whole family missing Ivan so very much. However, last night my wife and I sat around discussing his life and how much he taught us. In a way Ivan was out first child and his loss has been very difficult. He was there when our oldest daughter entered college and when our youngest was born. He was and is part of our lives.

Lessons from Ivan:

1. Be loyal. No matter what happens always have each other’s back and take care of each other.

2. Be neat: Ivan always had issues with vomiting so he learned to vomit in the toilet. We learned to check the to poker as one never knew what he might have left in it. Sadly he never learned to flush.

3. Deal with Stupidity. Ivan was a good leader. His brother Sigmund is NOT the smartest dog and in fact he is neurotic. Yet Ivan was kind in correcting him and even yielded to him when it came time to “go outside” as Sigmund was not very patient either.

4. Be brave. Ivan once jumped off a 12 foot ledge to chase someone away from our car and was always ready to go with me outside to check the yard.

5. Face illness with dignity. Over the past year Ivan rarely let his illness cause him to lose composure. Even on bad days he would fight to walk up the stairs to go to bed rather than be carried.

6. No when to let go. One his last day Ivan asked to “Go Outside” after he was done he sat down and just looked at me with a look. I thought he might be ok if we got to the vets. But Ivan knew better. He was happy to be in the car for the last time and before his last breath he reached for me with his head, putting it on my hand. At this time I told him he was a good boy and it was okay to let go. He took one last look and then breathed his last.

There are more lessons but right now I cannot write anymore.

Spare Change


pigeon settles
looking for a meal-
spare change

Yesterday while wandering around the city Ava and I gave out lots of change and bought coffee to people we met. Some who asked were looking for a meal, some asking for bus fare, on guy even offered $4 in exchange for $5, and one lady only needed .30. We were downtown about 5 hours and by the 4th hour I had no cash on me.

Ava and I sat under the Picasso Statue in Daley Plaza and discussed the day. Ava said “Daddy, why don’t people take care of the homeless?”
I told her that it seems to me that our society is so busy most people do not even see them. The News doesn’t talk about them, there are no relativity TV shows about them, no tabloid coverage of their exploits.

Her question led me to ponder this farther and the following is what spewed forth. I apologize for any disjointedness

Throughout history the old and dying, the poor and sick have been pushed out of sight. The story of the Buddha’s early life illustrates this very well.

Siddhartha Gautama’s father tried to keep him from seeing this suffering. His father wanted to protect him from seeing such horrible things and yet Siddhartha when he saw them realized that such things happen to all of us no matter what we do.

In our time the media, make up companies, plastic surgeons, alternative product companies and old age homes, to mention a few, act just like Siddhartha’s father. They try and distract us from the reality of life by inundating our lives with “false images” of celebrities and happy beautiful people.

So when you are out in your town take a moment to truly see the world as it is and help those who are in need.

Silver back male


all alone sitting
with the homeless
rules of engagement

Today as I sat at Daley Plaza enjoying the weather I had a moment to observe people. Where I sat seemed to have disrupted personal borders. One person with luggage walked up and looked at me shrugged and walked to another bench. Variations on this happened a few times. Once one of the people walked over to another one said something and then moved off.
After about an hour i guess I was accepted as the group stopped glancing my direction.

I felt like I had entered into a society and they were sizing me up. Given I look like a “silver back” and had at least 50#’s on the biggest in the group perhaps they decided to just see what I would do.
It was interesting and gave me insight into a different world.

Smiling commuters.


jocular morning
street beggars

This morning on the way to temple, a bit earlier, I came across a group of beggars. I see them at various places in the area near the temple but it never occurred to me that they too commuted. As I sat there at the light I watched them walking, with their prospective signage, along the sidewalk. One of them pushing his bicycle so he could talk with the group. Watching them made me think about choices in life and how, at that moment, they were no different than the person next to me in his Mercedes as they were both off to do what they do during the day. The one thing that did strike me was the the beggars had a smile on their faces.

Fog lifts


the day dawns
clearing the fog-
present moment

Fading away


ten nine eight
seven.. si..x fiv…..
white ceiling tiles

Well today at 11 I report for surgery. If all goes well I will be home before nightfall. If not thank you all for reading my work and I wish you the best.

Fathers Day


path covered with
thorns and flowers-

Happy fathers day to everyone.

Life lesson


may we hear
them with our eyes-
life’s lessons

Global warming


sounds of nature
drowned by air conditioners-
global warming