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Activist Poet Calvin Trillin’s poem to WI Gov Scott Walker


Recently I came across a magazine call “The Nation.” I find it interesting to read as an alternative to the usual suspects, i.e. Newsweek, Time, New Yorker. In the current issue there are articles on the following topics:

  1. Letters section “Scrap the Constitution?” and “Epps Replies”
  2. Article on “The Spirit of Wisconsin” by John Nicols
  3. Article on “The End of Secrecy” by Micah L. Sifry
  4. Article on “After Berlusconi, Nichi?” by Frederika Randall

And much more but, I wanted to share my favorite piece from this issue. I enjoy the poetry of Stuart Dybek, Carl Sandburg and Walt Whitman to name a few. Today I will add to that list Calvin Trillin. Below is the poem with credit to “The Nation” and Calvin Trillin.

Scott Walker said that he was just a bloke

Who, knowing that his state was going broke,

Saw saving measures that he must invoke.

But then, when he obsequiously spoke

To someone who he thought was David Koch

(It wasn’t Koch; a guy had played a joke),

The phone pals made it clear they’d like to choke

Off unions’ rights, and saw this as the stroke–

A stoke disguised within a budget cloak–

To start the unions’ going up in smoke.

No surprise there.

I hope you enjoyed the poem as much as I did and if you would like to learn more about what “The Nation” shares with its readers please visit their website at www.thenation.com

Thank you to comalliwrites from twitter for pointing out that I was a victim of auto correct. Trillin’s name was spelled incorrectly.