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Living in the Present Moment

Living in the Present Moment

When one is attempting to live the Dharma it is important to remember to live in the moment and be mindful. Most people, me included, find this difficult. My wife and I were discussing the below quote from Lao Tzu and she said that until now it she had never really felt it. I understand what she meant. It is easy to look at the words and have enough intelligence and education to intellectually comprehend what they mean. But, actually understanding the words and taking them to heart is another matter. I challenge you my dear reader to contemplate these words and to try and live them this weekend. I will be using them as my focus during meditation as well as trying to live by them. I look forward to hearing how you did and any thoughts you may have on this exercise.

If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.

Dharma Kids at Buddhist Temple of Chicago


On April 22nd the children of the Dharma School ran the service at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago on 4/22/12. Below is a short video of them in action. My daughter does her short talk in the video @ 1:38

Dharma talk on the “Four Dharma Seals”


This is the talk I gave at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago on 4/15/12

April Fools Day


to those hurt it’s
no laughing matter-
april fools day

I have never enjoyed April Fools Day. As a child I felt bad for those who were pranked and I also felt a distrust of those who pranked, and it could be anyone, during this day.

While it is suppose to be “in good fun” it generally ends up being a free day for bullying. Along with bullying there is also the possibility of the prank going to far and cause physical harm or property damage.
I recently learned that if your house is damaged as part of pranking AND you were also participating then your insurance will likely not cover the repairs. Furthermore, IF someone is hurt on your property they can sue you!

As a Buddhist this day also does not sit well with me. “Fooling” someone is tantamount to lying and goes against the principles of the “Eightfold Path.” If you are lying you are obviously not practicing “Right Speech” and if your actions cause harm, damage (even mental) then you are not practicing “Right Action.”

Enough preaching now back to the haiku.

War is hell


glancing back
as I leave the theatre-
war is hell

Today’s writing prompt was “Theatre” most people might think of going to a play or movie. To a combat veteran the word has a different meaning.

Perfect minute


twice a day
perfect minute-

New Monk 2nd version


old man with
newly shaved head-
autumn dawn

This is second of two haiku today that I wrote after the prompt “religious ceremony” by the facebook group NaHaiWriMo
I edited it because I felt that the first one did was a simple image and felt a second image was needed to flesh out the feeling and mood.

New Monk


old man with
newly shaved head
walking the path

This is one of two haiku today that I wrote after the prompt “religious ceremony” by the facebook group NaHaiWriMo