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Flower festival


chicks breaking
through the shell-
flower festival

Today is Hanamatsuri or Flower festival. It is also the time we celebrate the birth of the Buddha. Just as a chick breaks through its shell to be born we too must break through our ego to be born a compassionate being. May today be your birth too.

Shoots of green


popping up-
shoots of green
welcome the dawn

As a walked this morning I noticed little shoots starting to push up through the flower beds. Nice to see Spring arriving.

Buddha weeps


tilling the
spring soil-
Buddha weeps

So I have heard that the Buddha, when he was a little boy named Siddhartha, was watching the fields being plowed. He saw how the birds went behind the plow eating worms that had been uncovered. Even before becoming the Buddha he recognized the cycle of life and the suffering it caused. It is said he sat in the shade of a tree and spontaneously meditated. Reaching the first stage of enlightenment.

Boson Buddha


atoms, quarks,
boson… Buddha
holds forth a flower

Inspired by a J. W. Hackett haiku and today’s announcement of the validation of CERN’s Boson particle discovery.

digital Zen


slowly my
computer reboots-
digital zen