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sun rises as
life bursts forth-
first step on journey

Dedicated to my darling wife who on this day gave birth to our daughter Ava.

Birth of a Goddess


lovely child breaks
forth from the womb-
world smiles

Happy birthday to my darling magnificent wife.

Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy


Today is the 81st birthday of Leonard Nimoy aka Spock of Star Trek. He is my wife’s favorite on the series and in honor of our meeting him we celebrate his birthday. Here is the cake we ordered.

I also wrote a haiku earlier this year about him titled

Met Spock

Taken at Star Trek convention 2011

Homage to my mother


Many years ago
Baby arrives near midnight
Thankful mother weeps.

-Thank you mother-

Eldest Daughter


Happy 18th Birthday sweetie!

Sun greets eldest child
Thinking of eighteen years past
The day they first met