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Margaret Atwood


One of my favorite Authors.


Margaret Atwood

Homa Khaleeli

The Guardian, March 7, 2011

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Margaret Atwood

Novelist behind The Handmaid’s Tale, a cautionary story of a world without feminism

Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale has been a relevation for millions of readers – offering a terrifying glimpse of a parallel future where biological determinism and misogyny are taken to their logical conclusions. It’s a cautionary tale of a world without feminism, and after the excesses of the Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan seems more prescient than ever. As Atwood, 61, said: “People would blithely say, ‘It couldn’t happen here,’ but this kind of thing can happen anywhere given the right kind of turmoil.”

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Feature Writers: Use This Checklist


Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Beginners' Guide to Writing & Selling Quality FeaturesMark Twain often spoke of  writing in an unpretentious way,  simplicity of language, accuracy, and “naturalness.” These are points that should be uppermost in feature writers’ minds when they write for newspapers and magazines.

Heed these key points about your prose:

1)  Select just the right word. Brainstorm until you get it right.

2)  Use concrete nouns.

3)  Use action verbs.

4)  Don’t prop up your verbs with adverbs.

5)  Show, don’t tell.

6)  Write using detail. For example, tell about the taste and smell of things.

7)  Don’t paraphrase  an interviewee’s great quote. And, put the quote up high in your article. (Remember that when someone says something colorful, it probably reveals a lot about their personality.)

8)  On the other hand, don’t put into direct quotation what has been  heard second or third hand. The quote should be the interviewee’s original statement.

9)  Write forceful, compelling sentences when…

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