2014 Retreat Schedule


In need of a break? Here is the schedule of retreats for the Little Village Buddhist Meditation Hall.

Little Village Buddhist Meditation Center (Centro de Meditación Budista)

We are so excited to release a meditation schedule starting June 1 2014!

Estamos muy contentos de lanzar un programa de meditación a partir 01 de junio 2014!


We’ll be offering weekly meditation every Sunday. This weekend meditation is our formal practice, but the everyday life is the real practice. This is where the breath hits the road and eases our struggle with the whole range of varieties of suffering, or dukkhain every day life.

Ofreceremos la meditación semanal todos los domingos. Esta meditación fin de semana es nuestra práctica formal, pero la vida cotidiana es la práctica real. Aquí es donde el aire sale a la carretera y facilita nuestra lucha con toda la gama de variedades de sufrimiento o dukkha, en la vida cotidiana.


The conception of dukkha may be viewed from three aspects: (1) dukkha as ordinary suffering (dukkha-hukkha), (2)dukkha as produced by change
(veparinama-dukkha) and (3) dukkha as…

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The Misguided Monk


Wonderful animated short with a lesson. Watch your thoughts as they become deeds. Watch your actions as they become your destiny.

Buddhism now

Misguided Monk By Tom LongWhen an old hermit monk has his day interrupted by an uninvited guest, he is unwillingly taken on a journey to discover the true meaning of companionship.

. . . .

. . . .

Animation by Tom Long

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Haiku Contest


My dear friends,

My daughter is competing in a haiku contest for scholarship $. Please vote for her and/or enter yourself. Thank you.


Yellow River


old man standing
in the middle of the night-
yellow moon river

Standing looking at the nearly full moon last night I thought of this and the old joke. It is a book title called.

“Yellow River” by I. P. Daily

Danger! men cooking


smell of summer
wafting over the fence-
danger! men cooking

Stock Market


the fool flyers a
kite in the tornado-
stock market

Tonight my wife and I were talking and she said “money worthless, but worth everything.” I am still working on forming a haiku around this. The above is one image I saw so far. Thank you my darling for the inspiration.



red and blue
lights reflect in puddle-
wailing child

To those who read my blog:

My family has not suffered any difficulty not did I see an accident. I was near a hospital as an ambulance drove by. As I saw the lights in a puddle I thought about how the sight of an ambulance is a reminder of the fragility of life.

Dog Farts


silent meditation
slowly counting breaths-
the dog farts

Today while meditating our dog Dax decided to test my concentration. When she has to go she will let us know by noxious gas alarms. My sitting meditation became a walking the dog meditation.