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Cowards or flowers?


pansies hiding

behind rows of fences-

you made the bed!

Improv Haiku

Improv Haiku

Last year I had the opportunity to a fun workshop for Macy’s Asian Pacific American Month.

What I do is sit down with those who want to have me write a haiku and I chat with them. I learn a bit about them and then I write them a Haiku. This format is fun for me and I enjoy the time with the people. When I am done talking with them I take 3-5 minutes to consider what I have learned and then write them their Haiku. I use a scratch pad to write it then I transfer it to a nicer paper with a good brush pen. Then of course I also stamp it with my Hanko.

I am doing this on Patreon now to help fund my Not for Profit. If this is something you would like to recieve please consider helping support my work.

Long time no write


Well it has been a long time as I’ve been working on other arts. But I’ve not forgotten haiku.

behind the clouds

light still shines upon us-

Amida’s love

Two Folklore songs


The first song is about Resurrection Mary and the second is called Phantom 309. I hope you enjoy them.

8 Hilariously Nonthreatening Monsters from Japanese Folklore


And now for some not so scary monsters.

Tokyo Desu

Japanese folklore and horror stories are known for their psychologically terrifying ghosts and monsters that prey on the minds and bodies of humans. For some of the most horrific examples, one need look no further than the Japanese horror boom of the early 2000’s, with the likes of The Ring and The Grudge introducing the west to a new, iconic generation of supernatural villains.

But there’s also a lighter side to Japanese folklore, where bumbling spirits cause only mild annoyance, actually enhance your daily life, and otherwise generally botch the whole job of haunting mankind and teaching vague moral lessons about treating your parents with respect and such. Here are our top eight most hilariously nonthreatening monsters – called Yokai – from Japanese stories:


The Nurikabe is a sentient wall that’s said to be impossible to walk around or climb. It doesn’t seem to have any nefarious intentions and…

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DewDrop World


This is a song written by David G Lanoue based off of Issa’s Haiku.

tsuyu no yo wa tsuyu no yo nagara sari nagara

this world
is a dewdrop world
yes… but…

Thank you to my daughter for the performance and to David for permission to use the song.

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This world is a dewdrop world
Things pass, no, nothing lasts
A boy and a little girl
On a dewdrop
Tiny dewdrop
It’s a dewdrop world

He loves how she looks at him
She loves his shining skin
Hot sun burns away the pearls
Of the dewdrops
Tiny dewdrops
It’s a dewdrop world

A ring made of hard, cool stone
Tells her she’s not alone
They watch lazy smoke rings curl
On a dewdrop
That they can’t stop
Fading dewdrop world