Controlling your fears.



Today take time to think about what is one influence in your life that helps to generate a feeling of scarcity or fear? Then think about how can you change this piece of your life or at least how you react to it.

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  1. The nice thing is, any time we change our reactions, we change everything. In the case of fear or scarcity (is that a feeling? I suppose we might feel there’s a lack of abundance when in fact there is plenty – in which case our emotions are impacting our perceptions for ill…) anyway, when we feel fear, of which you might say, scarcity is a subset of fear, being a fear of not enough of something, in the moment in which we can see our feelings for what they are, a reaction, we already have a bit of distance, we can observe them. We can say then, “oh look! there’s that feeling of fear coming up” That observation means we are pulled back some and not just being at the beck and call of our reactions/reactive feelings. Then we can observe whether that reaction and the thoughts, words or actions which follow are beneficial or not – for ourselves, others. If not, we can make a choice to put that down as much as we are able to in the moment. To just do it, without creating any fresh judgements like. “Oh, I really SHOULD be able to put this down! See though? I didn’t! I couldn’t! I can’t ever….and then we go into tailspin over something. But we don’t need to have judgements on our judgements. It’s doesn’t help us get to peace or happiness, for ourselves or anyone else. I think if we INTEND do try our best, not be lazy, not act as if we are a victim, that’s enough. Then each day, each breath, we slowly make positive changes. As Amy Cuddy says, “Tiny tweaks, lead to big changes.” We turn the ship a little at a time. Patiently. Compassionately.

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