Smiling commuters.


jocular morning
street beggars

This morning on the way to temple, a bit earlier, I came across a group of beggars. I see them at various places in the area near the temple but it never occurred to me that they too commuted. As I sat there at the light I watched them walking, with their prospective signage, along the sidewalk. One of them pushing his bicycle so he could talk with the group. Watching them made me think about choices in life and how, at that moment, they were no different than the person next to me in his Mercedes as they were both off to do what they do during the day. The one thing that did strike me was the the beggars had a smile on their faces.

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  1. Really interesting perspective here, FierceBuddhist. It’s interesting wondering how people end up where they do. You just don’t know what background people come from, what they’ve gained and what they’ve lost. Interesting, and nice, that they were all smiling. 🙂

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