Calm Chicago


I present this exellent primer for all to enjoy.

Calm Chicago

This is the first in a series of 18-videos breaking down how to do the form, along with tips on how to learn, practice and make the lessons of qigong practical and accessible in your every day life.

I hope this may help you on your journey to your best self as you learn to exercise both the body and mind. And of course, I use the word “self,” as a practical matter of speaking. I’m not suggesting that we get too attached to any form of exercise as a way of making our Self Bigger and having a big ego only that, in order to really enjoy life, living wisely, compassionately and with clarity borne of confidence, having health in mind and body is highly recommended.

When the body is out of shape or in pain, it really brings the mind down.

Let know what you think? I hope…

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