Name tags


This week I have tried to do more Metta meditation and share loving compassion with all sentient beings. So in honor of this I am wearing this, virtual, name tag.

I am grateful for so many things that I will not bore you all with a list. I just ask you to share in the wearing of the name tag and remember what you are grateful for.


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  1. William I really like your post about gratitude. In a world like ours where we are constantly rushing around it’s important to slow down enough to notice everything… even small things that we normally might ignore, like our breath because without our breath where would we be then? I can tell you one thing that I’m very grateful for right now this evening… That is new students. I had my first qigong class in the new location tonight, and it was really nice. I’m grateful for the new students who came tonight for the first time practice. I’m especially grateful for them because I know that as they become less stressed everyone around them will feel better also. What a wonderful thing to share. So that means of course I’m very grateful to my teacher as well because without the teacher I wouldn’t know any of this.

  2. I love this idea. What a fabulous thought. The things I am grateful for would feel the world and we’d still need a universe or two………. 🙂 Thank you.

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