Abbot Sifu Ji Ru


Yesterday I had a chance to practice with Sifu Ji Ru and look forward to now practicing with him weekly.

Calm Chicago

I think the Buddha had a very special understanding of what life is. He made it very simple: just bring your mind back to this moment. Don’t let the mind go any further than this. Then your mind will be very clear. When the mind is always in meditation, you can handle hardship, more than you know.




See what you see now. Do not try to see the future. In order to see clearly what you see now, you must clear the mind of distractions. In this country, we are taught how to think, but not how to stop relying on thinking. When you stop relying on thinking, there is no worry or fear, and there are no problems. The mind is the object, and the object is very clear when the mind stops depending on thinking. Learn to abide in conditions, not to abide in your…

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  1. SIGH…. I miss being able to study martial arts… at least the working out part… Sifu Ji Ru sounds like a very mindful teacher… any particular style? Crane, tiger, etc? Just curious, I studied mostly tiger and preying mantis styles, when I could…. now I’m limited to very slow Tai Chi, and forms without speed or power….

    • Currently we are studying the 18 form in Tai Chi. His kungfu is descended from IP man but I do not study it. My past martial arts are Balintawak (studied under GM Bobby Taboada), Kendo and Aikido.
      As I slowed down I moved to Iaido, Tai Chi and Kyudo. My favorite is Kyudo as it is more about meditation and control than speed and power. You should check it out.
      My daughter studies at the Shaolin temple under Master Shi Yan Ju. She just passed her first test there. She goes there 4-5 days a week for 90 minutes each time. We tried Taekwondo all the way up to Blue belt and Orange in Aikido before she decided she loves kungfu. My little 8 year old girl can kick butt. 🙂 But, I digress.
      Thank you for listening to a proud father’s rant.

      • No worries! You chose a similar path as mine with your daughter… I took her and her brother with me to kung fu classes when they were pre-teens; by the time she got to high school, I had no fears at all that any guy would give her a problem (the word on her side-kicks got around, once her male classmates woke up.. 🙂 ) It also helped her self-confidence, though, as my daughter, that was never much of a problem. The school we all attended was preying mantis style, under Sifu Tim McFarland, a student of Master Liu, of San Francisco fame….I know how your girl feels about finding kung fu after Taekwondo… it’s like graduating from elementary school and going to college… much more advanced spiritually, in terms of how they prepare the mind as well as the body…. and the forms and movements are as if all the extra stuff has been removed, only the essential movements are left in for use….

        Ah, memories… my back and hips are such now that only minimal movement is possible, so I miss it… I guess if hadn’t had to use the Arts so much in my work, I might be in better shape now…. ah well, never any regrets, eh? Karma is…. take care, brother….

  2. I like it. People make life so difficult when it is really very simple. Sure it’s challenging, but that is not a terrible thing that some insist it should be.

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