At the Media Circus


reflected image
looks surprisingly good-
fun-house mirror

Our self image is generally distorted. Sadly, the mirrors such as television, magazines and movies set up such a false image of what “people” look like that when we do see ourselves in the mirror we are looking with a distorted perspective. Many years ago I worked in the advertising industry for R.R Donnelley, which at the time was the worlds largest printing company. Every day I would see wrinkles disappear, smiles whitened and digital liposuction performed. To give a time reference I was a beta-tester for photoshop .87 named Barneyscan XP in 1989. Later on I went onto teach these techniques at various colleges and universities. The more I studied Buddhism I felt that what I was doing was not “Right Livelihood” as described in the Eight Fold Noble path. So I quit teaching and moved on to do other things that I felt better suited to my life philosophy but I digress.

My point is that the images of people and celebrities you see in the media are NOT real. Learn to look at yourself and appreciate you for who and what you are. Once you do this then every mirror will be like the mirror in my haiku.

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  1. I love your post. It is similar to my posts on mirrors, appearance and especially distortion. I have felt this my whole life. I wrote about this in my last post. Pretty Ugly. It is hard to overcome this and I am still struggling. Thank you for bringing this to light. We are the light.

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