Lottery Silliness


lottery hype shows
statistical ignorance-
death more likely

This Senryu spewed forth after reading a discussion by a group of people talking about the lottery and how close they came to winning. As a former Stats professor I find it appalling how few people understand just how unlikely winning the lottery is.

The only lottery I play is life. Everyday each of us has better odds of dying in a myriad of ways.

Winning odds for lottery:
1 in 176,000,000

Odds for a few macabre things

1. Car crash: 1 in 6,000
2. Asteroid destroying Earth: 1 in 12,500
3. Being murdered: 1 in 18,000
4. Dying in the bathtub: 1 in 870,000
5. Three things that are 1 in 1,000,000: death in Airplane crash, death by lightning and death by flesh eating bacteria.

Now for a few lighter Odds:

1. Bowling a 300 game: 11,500 to 1
2. Getting a hole in one: 5,000 to 1
3. Being suspected of being possessed: 7,000 to 1
4. Getting hemorrhoids: 28 to 1
5. Having a genius child: 250 to 1

Thank you bearing with me here. My point here is that one should focus on your daily life and your loved ones. Worrying about what might be or how your life would change if some statistically impossible event occurred is wasting what little precious time and money that we do have.

As for me I am going to increase my odds of having a good day by telling my wife and children how much I love them and enjoying the present moment with them.

About fiercebuddhist

Welcome. I am happy that our paths have crossed. Here you will find various poems, articles and photography. I hope that you enjoy them and visit often. I am currently working on writing “A Haiku A Day” so that I can, perhaps, have enough good ones for publication. If you are wondering what a “Fierce Buddhist” the following declaration should clarify. The “Fierce” in FierceBuddhist I define as “an obligation to do what I can to benefit all sentient beings, not just those close to me or those I agree with. If I see something or someone that is hurting others I must step forward and do what I can to assist them.” In the Army and in the dojo I learned how to defend myself, family and country but that does not mean I endorse the use of force. Two nonviolent examples of Fierce Buddhists that come to mind are Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama. While I do not claim be even close to them I can strive and so can you. Furthermore, my Buddhist name, given to me by Sensei Kubose, is Seiyo. His interpretation of my communication and interaction with him led him to this name. He told me Seiyo means “Fierce Sun.” The sun shines on everyone without prejudices without giving preferential treatment to anyone. This is tough to live up to, as you can imagine, but it sure sets the tone for my life. In Buddhism this is called a Fierce Bodhisattva. I am only on the path to Enlightenment and can only say to be a Fierce Buddhist.

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  1. Having a genius child: 250 to 1….Now I really like this !! In relation to your post these are great odds made even better by parents who actively participate in their children’s education, like you for instance !!

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