New haiku book


Well worth the .99 cents

K. Ryan Henisey

The first thousand of my haiku are published and available for download from Amazon Kindle. Click through the link to find it in the Amazon store: Status Haiku.

The book costs $0.99 (or equivalent in other countries). I wanted to keep the price low and as accessible as possible. I hope you enjoy the first thousand of my haiku. This final edit has them collected together into a nice, organized, and easy to manage format.

It’s like folding words;

I wonder if, like cranes, there’s

A wish at the end.

I know I got my wish – a published book!

I hope you’ll consider helping me promote the book. Anyone who shares or reblogs Status Haiku will be entered into a drawing for a free autographed print of one of my works. I’ll be giving away an autographed print of Fourteen (24 x 11.75 on archival matte paper) to…

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    • Oops. Those reblogs really need to be more obvious. I should have looked more carefully. Still nice to see someone publishing haiku. My husband asked me if I could make money writing haiku. I just had to laugh. Now I can tell him its gone from “no” to “a little.”

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