Silent Spring


winter departs
old friend missing
silent spring

I am very sad at this moment Spring is arriving and there is something missing. I could not place it until just a few minutes ago. Every year for the past 3+ years we have had a Robin that lived in our area.
Each spring when he returned he announced his arrival. The robin would start singing about 3am everyday and not stop until late in the day. Sadly this year it is silent and it is deafening. I hope that a new robin assumes his territory soon.

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  1. For the third year in a row, I’ve given up use of my gas grill so that a family of wrens might entertain friends and family. I watch them from my kitchen window, moving about, struggling to get the longer twigs through the ‘smoke holes’……. They’ve quite successfully traded their nest for a two story townhouse with loft…….. and I couldn’t be happier. I hope they raise many generations in this humble spacious abode! 😀 I hope your Robins have simply found a larger house!

    • My wife said that she heard him a few days back but he sounded different. The past few nights we have heard a “new” voice. It not the previous Robin but given the odd time schedule we suspect it is an offspring.

      Hope springs eternal.

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