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faded sign says
film and dark room supplies
photoshop 1.0

Today I met Joe Herbert. Joe has been operating his camera business for over 55 years, in the same location! I have driven by his shop many times and yesterday I decided to stop in. I took in my camera because I had some artifacts (dust or scratches) on my pictures.
When I went in he introduced himself and asked me what he could do for me I gave him a quick rundown of what was wrong and he took my camera and lenses into the back and in less than five minutes had cleaned them.
When I asked him how much I owed him, he told me “no charge.” Of course this would not do, so I bought a new lens rag and a couple of new lens caps to repay him for his work.

As I talked to him I was inspired to write about him and his shop. In our fast digital age i enjoyed a step back to a place where customer service mattered and the pace was a bit slower. It has been years since I have developed my photos and retouched them using non-digital techniques. Joe also told me about a group of enthusiasts that meet there every Saturday morning. I have a feeling I will be stopping by there some Saturday soon.

Marquette Photo Supply

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