A proud moment


Today I was very surprised. Last month I submitted my photography in the Veterans National Art competition and today was the showing.

Happily I took 1st place in the Black and White category and 2nd place in the Color category.

I want to share in this moment with those who visit this blog.



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  1. Congratulations! they are both stunning,
    though I as Betty like the black and white …
    it is like a thought captured in the stillness of now

    Thank you for sharing this with us…

    Take Care…

  2. Congrats!!! They are both stunning and amazing to look at. Each beautiful in its own way. Though the B&W almost reminded me of the Friendship Bridge near Seoul that will one day lead to North Korea.

    • Kourtney,

      I served as part of the Panmunjom security force. When I was there the old Freedom bridge still had bullet holes in it and that was in 87! Glad to hear that some progress is being made. I have fond memories of Korea. I met my first Buddhist priest there.


      • Wow. I was just there this past summer taking one of the DMZ tours. It’s a lot more friendly looking, but still sealed off at the end. I hope that the North and South can one day reunite. It’s a terrible tragedy for families to be tore apart the way so many Koreans were.

      • In addition to my regular duties I gave the tours there. That was the fun part. Did you get to go into the tunnels that were dug trying to get under the DMZ?

        Small world.


      • We got to go to the third infiltration tunnel. I have really bad claustrophobia so I only made it partway down before I had to turn around. What a truly once in a lifetime experience though. Very small world indeed. 🙂

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