A letter to American Protesters from a Aussie Conservative.


Fellow Activists,

What follows is a letter from a person on FaceBook. After you have read it you might want to contact him at his FB_Page. I thank him for telling me what others think of our actions. It is obvious that our voices are being heard so keep up that great work.

Dear Protesters,

your thinly veiled disguise as political motivationists is a blatant sham, made evident by your consistent use of force, blatant and unmitigated destruction of property and vandalism, and almost total ignorance of the issues typically at hand. You are an utter disgrace to both the concept of protest and the country you inhabit.   It becomes very clear when the issue you feign interest in falls by the wayside to smashing up banks and other representations of “The institution”.  It is there that all of your supposed interest in “The facts” and “The issues” drop like the proverbial sheet over the eyes, revealing your true nature.  Middle class, idiot youth whose only wish is to throw a brick or two, only to be seen doing so and for those onlookers think you stand for something.  The irony is, you stand for nothing, and possibly never have.  You need to be well read and intelligent to stand for something.  You are neither.  You want all the contention and attention, without doing the hard work and finding out what the fuck you are talking about.  You don’t read books, you don’t investigate claims, you hear one hippie say “The man is bad, man” and that’s all you need to hear.  To steal and slightly modify a line from the film “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”, do you know what you’d see if you were to look up ‘cretin’ in the dictionary?  The definition of the word ‘cretin’, which you fucking are.

By all rights you should be made to clean up every inch of paint, pay for all costs to windows smashed and cars scratched, and then have the actual shit beaten out of you. Don’t even dare pretend you have some moral high ground, as your compass on morality has been due south since the early 90’s.  You are merely a new face for anarchism, only with added naivety.  I hope the police smack you about as harshly as they’ve done to the people who didn’t deserve it, back when protest was actually a method of free speech and stood for something.  It’s possibly the only way cowards like you will get the fucking message.


Dave R Gallacher.

About fiercebuddhist

Welcome. I am happy that our paths have crossed. Here you will find various poems, articles and photography. I hope that you enjoy them and visit often. I am currently working on writing “A Haiku A Day” so that I can, perhaps, have enough good ones for publication. If you are wondering what a “Fierce Buddhist” the following declaration should clarify. The “Fierce” in FierceBuddhist I define as “an obligation to do what I can to benefit all sentient beings, not just those close to me or those I agree with. If I see something or someone that is hurting others I must step forward and do what I can to assist them.” In the Army and in the dojo I learned how to defend myself, family and country but that does not mean I endorse the use of force. Two nonviolent examples of Fierce Buddhists that come to mind are Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama. While I do not claim be even close to them I can strive and so can you. Furthermore, my Buddhist name, given to me by Sensei Kubose, is Seiyo. His interpretation of my communication and interaction with him led him to this name. He told me Seiyo means “Fierce Sun.” The sun shines on everyone without prejudices without giving preferential treatment to anyone. This is tough to live up to, as you can imagine, but it sure sets the tone for my life. In Buddhism this is called a Fierce Bodhisattva. I am only on the path to Enlightenment and can only say to be a Fierce Buddhist.

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  1. Whoa.

    I’m too exhausted from spending a day exercising my right to free speech and assembly to even attempt to answer this person.

    Might I add, quite peacefully, and in pretty colors.

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