Ultimate Act of Civil Disobedience.


Today, March 16th 2011, in western China a Tibetan Monk named Phuntsog set himself on fire in an anti-government protest on Wednesday afternoon near the Kirti Monastry. When the police arrived, they doused the flames, then beat and kicked Phuntsog, thus prompting hundreds of monks and others to rally. Angered by the beating, monks and Tibetan residents carried the monk back to the monastery, and then marched along the main street before police intervened.

WOW! That is true Civil Disobedience and while that is an extreme example of what lengths a Citizen will go to show the seriousness of their discontent I hope that such events continue to rarely happen. However, we do need a fire, just not a literal one. We need to have people motivated, willing and brave enough to step up and take a stand against the injustices that are occurring.

Let us face it unjust laws exist and I ask you the following questions pertaining to them. Should we blindly accept them, or should we strive to modify or repeal them. Should we continue to honor them while we fight or should we civilly disobey them? People in general, at least it seems to me, would prefer to wait until the majority joins in to alter the aforementioned laws. I feel that it is more important to anticipate and push for reform, before the damage occurs. An honest and fair government would cherish and encourage its Citizens to keep informed and to point out where it, the government, has failed.

Our current government is so enamored with big business that it has forgotten who elected them. They were elected by  “We the People” and since they have forgotten that, it is every Citizens duty to civilly show their disappointment and remind them.

How do we do this? First we make ourselves aware of what is going on in your Town, City, County, State or Nation and see what area you feel strongly about. Then find an organization to connect with other like-minded people. If there is not one, then start one. Your idea may be brand new and you may see something or have an idea that no one else does.

There are many places that you can donate time and or money to and I present the following, in no particular order:

US Uncut
The Coffee Party

American Veterans (AmVets)

Please comment if you have others that you would like me to add to this list.

I would like to close today with a moment of thought dedicated to the brave Phuntsog and the monks of the Kirti Monastry. I will remember his act.


About fiercebuddhist

Welcome. I am happy that our paths have crossed. Here you will find various poems, articles and photography. I hope that you enjoy them and visit often. I am currently working on writing “A Haiku A Day” so that I can, perhaps, have enough good ones for publication. If you are wondering what a “Fierce Buddhist” the following declaration should clarify. The “Fierce” in FierceBuddhist I define as “an obligation to do what I can to benefit all sentient beings, not just those close to me or those I agree with. If I see something or someone that is hurting others I must step forward and do what I can to assist them.” In the Army and in the dojo I learned how to defend myself, family and country but that does not mean I endorse the use of force. Two nonviolent examples of Fierce Buddhists that come to mind are Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama. While I do not claim be even close to them I can strive and so can you. Furthermore, my Buddhist name, given to me by Sensei Kubose, is Seiyo. His interpretation of my communication and interaction with him led him to this name. He told me Seiyo means “Fierce Sun.” The sun shines on everyone without prejudices without giving preferential treatment to anyone. This is tough to live up to, as you can imagine, but it sure sets the tone for my life. In Buddhism this is called a Fierce Bodhisattva. I am only on the path to Enlightenment and can only say to be a Fierce Buddhist.

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