Improv haiku


Chatting with a friend and they shared some poetry with me. The folowing were inspired by their work

Ruby lips
white of her skin
cuts deeply

imperfect mask
betrays the stone-
of her heart

Harlequin eyes
hide glorious doom-
harvest moon.

Valentine’s Day write up.

Big surprise this morning. I have a haiku class at the Japanese Culture Center I’ve been teaching for years. I got a head count and it was much larger than usual. Then we found out that my class was 1 of 7 to be suggested as “Valentines Day Ideas.”

Improv Haiku

Improv Haiku

Last year I had the opportunity to a fun workshop for Macy’s Asian Pacific American Month.

What I do is sit down with those who want to have me write a haiku and I chat with them. I learn a bit about them and then I write them a Haiku. This format is fun for me and I enjoy the time with the people. When I am done talking with them I take 3-5 minutes to consider what I have learned and then write them their Haiku. I use a scratch pad to write it then I transfer it to a nicer paper with a good brush pen. Then of course I also stamp it with my Hanko.

I am doing this on Patreon now to help fund my Not for Profit. If this is something you would like to recieve please consider helping support my work.